If you’re looking for proof that speed doesn’t automatically mean fun, look to the Volkswagen Golf R DSG.

It is a masterclass is precision engineering. It has a great chassis, which will carry outrageous speeds around corners, and it will do so without giving the merest hint that it is anywhere near its limit.

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I drove the Golf R down some of my favourite B-roads today and could barely believe how much faster I was travelling than I would normally. And yet there was no real sensation to the experience.

I was left totally underwhelmed. I got to where I was going earlier than expected, but when I got there I couldn’t help but feel that I would rather have arrived late and entertained.

Instead I was merely impressed by how utterly composed the Golf R was no matter what you did to it, and totally perplexed as to how you engineer the fun out of a car with this much performance and handling ability.

The feeling is even worse because you expect so much more from the Golf R. It’s like meeting someone that appears to be your perfect partner and then discovering that they’ve got the emotional palette of driftwood. Disappointing, to say the least.