So I dropped the TT off at our local Audi dealer on Monday morning and waited for the prognosis to arrive. Four hours later, Caffyns Audi’s eminently chirpy service manager, Stuart, called. “We’ve spotted the problem” said Stuart. “Unfortunately both your front brake discs have warped, which is why the car is vibrating under braking. Bottom line; we’re going to have to replace both of them. But the good news is, it’ll all be covered under warranty so it won’t actually cost you a penny.

“The lads are just fitting the new discs now, in fact,” continued my new best friend. “With a bit of luck they’ll be finished within the next couple of hours, so you’ll be able to come and collect the car tonight.”

I was shocked, amazed, surprised and delighted by the outcome, especially by the speed and efficiency with which the problem had been a) identified, and b) made to go away – without actually costing me a bean.