What are the infuriating issues that should be inconsequential, but are still maddening enough to have you cursing even the best motor?

 I recently drove a Vauxhall Corsa VXR. This is a great example of a brilliantly fun hot hatch that was tarnished by one small fault.

The Recaro sports are a great asset to the car - they're supportive, comfortable and generally brilliant. Untill you flip them forward to let someone into the back, and then attempt to get back in.

At which point you find yourself squashed between steering wheel and seat back whilst attempting to carry out a manoeuvre that would fox a Shaolin monk, just to reach the seat controls.

This is a small, and you would imagine simple thing. But a great car that's ruined by a small irritation is akin to finding a short-black-and-curly in your lobster thermador.