I've just been the first journalist in the world to be handed a set of keys to Subaru's new Legacy with a diesel engine; a car that the Subaru's UK managing director calls 'the most significant car Subaru will launch in the next five years', and one that it's chief engineer says 'feels like launching a totally new model'.

You'll be able to read the full first drive on the web this week, and in the 23 January magazine next week, but know this: this is a fantastic engine.

It's the world's first boxer diesel in a passenger car and has all the inherent engineering advantages of a boxer  - a low centre of gravity, compactness and smootnness; and has a nice response too. The figures even suggest that, at 150PS, though it's more powerful than a Mondeo or Passat's motor, it returns better economy.

It's also quiet. As in, quite probably the quietest diesel in this class.

Subaru might only end up making about 30-40,000 examples of this engine a year - small fry compared to the big players' volumes - but that hasn't stopped it developing a truly world class engine from the off.

Great news for Subaru. Great news for anybody who appreciates a dedicated engineering rightness. Great news for those, like me, who like manufacturers that do things a just a little bit differently.