I had my first foray in the new Skoda Superb yesterday, complete with DSG box, and am totally sold on it.

Superb Ok, so it doesn’t handle as well as a Mondeo, but I prefer the Skoda’s interior and I actually think you get more for your money in terms of space and practicality.

And the DSG box? It’s a real shame that the new seven-speed version couldn’t be fitted due to the high torque levels, but it’s still a decent ‘box and suits the big cruiser much better than a manual.

I was particularly impressed with the boot, which was not only huge but also a convenient shape. Even the slightly gimmicky hatch/saloon opening didn’t put me off.

The looks do that instead. To me the rear end looks out of proportion – as though the car was designed to be a foot shorter, but then they wanted to add the cavernous rear leg-room and simply stretched the entire car.

Even that isn’t the Superb’s greatest flaw. That dubious honour falls to its sat-nav system.

You’ll pay £1300 for this option, and yet you don’t get full postcode search – a basic and essential feature that you can get on a £99 TomTom. How is that justifiable in a car that is supposed to be a true executive saloon? It's a petty complaint, maybe, but to me it’s a real glitch in a car that is otherwise brilliant.