Controversial things drag races. So here's a bit of background info on our latest pairing of the ZR1 and GT2.

Firstly, the number of test tracks in the UK that a) have a suitably long straight and b) allow side by side running is limited. And on this occasion Bruntingthorpe worked best with our schedule. Trouble is Brunters, great though it is, doesn't have the world's best surface for standing starts. If we'd gone to Santa Pod for instance, I reckon there's a good chance both cars (and almost certainly the Vette) would have gone quicker. But we couldn't.

GT2 versus ZR1 drag race

Watch the Porsche GT2 versus Corvette ZR1 drag race on video

It's also worth knowing how we go about filming these drag races. Although in the finished vid you see one single race, we're a tiny bit more scientific about it.  In this case, before we filmed anything both Matt and I had a go at figuring both cars, and without the weight of Andy the camera man. Then when we were satisfied we'd got the best from both we filmed the race to fit the numbers.

Sorry if that takes away any of the 'magic', but hopefully it gives a better, more representative result, and to the extent possible removes the driver and fluke element from the end result.