Just back from attempting to drive a Bentley Continental at 200mph and were that all there was to it, I’d not be writing this now. True 200mph is an absurd speed and I wish I could explain adequately how much more than twice as fast as 100mph it feels, but the truth is that a few of us have done it now and ‘we drive at 200mph’ is not enough to spark the interest of the editor any more.

Happily however ‘we drive at 200mph - with the roof down’ is. Hence my recent encounter with the GTC Speed variety of Bentley Continental at the Nardo Prototipo test track in heel of Italy.

Watch the 200mph, roof down in a Bentley video here

I won’t say now how fast it went, but will hope to whet your appetite by saying Bentley claims only that it will hit 200mph with the roof up. As you might imagine, dropping the roof plays havoc with the aerodynamics, not to mention your eardrums when you try to hit the double tonne in fresh air.

As for the Bentley, it was driven 1700 miles from Crewe to Nardo, burned 30 gallons of fuel on the far side of 190mph while it was there, was turned around and driven 1700 miles back to Crewe.