It was a typical scenario. I’ve got to be at the BA Gatwick check-in by 12.30pm. Which means I need to leave Battersea - 27 miles to the north - by 11.00am, which allows a reasonable margin for hold-ups.

The round-trip of 54 miles is also well within the capability of the Nissan Leaf’s fully-charged battery pack, so I’m going to do my first airport run in the car. Which all sounds nice and straight forward.

It was, until I got a few miles down the A23 and the traffic came to halt just beyond Ikea. I was stuck for 25 minutes in a jam that turned out to have been caused by a single lane being fenced off.

By that point - and the trip computer said I had completed just 8.4 miles in 60 minutes - I was pretty sure I would miss the plane. And British Airways have a habit of closing the desk minutes after the hour’s check-in deadline arrives.

But I was advised by the PRs running the trip to chance my arm and press on to Gatwick. So I pushed the Leaf hard along the M23 and shot into the short-term car park. Before I ran for the desk (and, though 15 minutes late, BA did actually issue me a boarding card) I noticed that the high-speed blast on the motorway had hammered the remaining range. 41 miles was, however, enough to get me home.