Having spent a weekend with a Nissan Pixo, I was baffled as to how this car could ever go on sale for just £5995. Then of course it didn’t.

The reason given by Nissan for raising the price by £1000 just before the car goes to market is the weakness of the pound, and definitely not the scrappage scheme.

But this is not a £20,000 car going up £1000, it is a car publicised on the fact that it was to be the cheapest car in Britain, bar the Kia Picanto and Perodua Kelisa.

The last-minute goal shifting is bit of a shame really, because the Pixo is actually a pretty good car and £6,995 seems like a perfectly reasonable price anyway.

Nissan Pixo prices up £1000

Firstly, Nissan has managed to make the car, which is based on the Suzuki Alto, look bigger than it actually is thanks to some grown-up frontal styling.

It has a hard-working three-pot engine with 67bhp that always sounds like you are going faster than you actually are, and the Pixo even has a decent turn of speed on the motorway.