It’s funny but, for me, the very best news about the brilliant-to-drive Lotus Evora S is not, in fact, how brilliant it is to drive – because you kind of expect that from a mid-engined Lotus with 345bhp powering its rear wheels.

Instead, it is how well made the car now feels and how much improved its cabin appears to be compared with the launch cars from last year: that’s where the real progress needed to be made.

Watch the Lotus Evora S video

There are no major design changes inside the car, but so much better assembled are things like the door handles, the indicator stalks, the steering shroud and most of the switches generally, that you can’t help but notice a difference to the way the car 'feels'.

It’s the direct result, apparently, of poaching two key bods from Porsche’s quality control department who are already feared and respected at Hethel in equal measure.

So although the Evora S may still lack a certain 'je ne sais quois' styling-wise inside and out, qualitatively it’s now right up there with the best. And when you add this to what was already a fairly exquisite blend of dynamic abilities – which has been improved disproportionately by the addition of a supercharger that provides the poke to truly unlock the chassis – what you end up with is a car that can compete with a Cayman S without requiring the services of an excuse.