We get told some right old cobblers in this business, by companies who would like us to believe, care, or, more likely, just idly repeat some of the nonsense they feed us.

Bad enough are non-news press releases (care, for example, that Spandau Ballet have chosen the Ford S-Max as their tour support wagon? No, I thought not).

But it’s the technical stuff we’re sometimes expected to swallow that is harder still to bear.

Take the Lexus LFA supercar, for example. Lovely car, by all accounts.

But it has, you’ll not be surprised to hear, a flat-bottomed steering wheel.

These things – these hateful things – seem now to be de rigueur on cars with the vaguest sporting bent, despite the fact that steering wheels have been round, for  well over a century, for perfectly good reasons.

Take away their roundness and, as Austin discovered, you take away their usability.

Manufacturers continue to fit them, though, because they think they look cool.

Except Lexus. No, Lexus says it’s using one on the LFA because it offers a genuine improvement in driver involvement.