So, we’ve had the new-look Autocar and its new-format road test for a while now. Which means we’re accumulating a fairly comprehensive list of lap times set around MIRA’s dry and wet handling circuits.

You can see ‘em below, including (for the dry handling circuit), the conditions in which they were set. They’re not all there just yet; I’ll upload the full, comprehensive list shortly (read: when we’ve a workie who’s got a couple of hours to browse through some back issues) and then keep it updated so it’s always available to see here.

While water will inevitably slow a car, different track temperatures isn’t a great issue: on road tyres, it doesn’t matter if the ambient/track temperature is 5 degrees or 20 degrees, you can reach – and nearly always exceed – the operating temperature of a road tyre anyway, so we’ve found that laps in the same car are pretty consistent regardless of temperature. On racing tyres it would be a different matter, natch.

No great surprises above, I suppose – although I’m still suspicious about how a 207 GTi 175 went round in 1m20.35sec.

Dry lap times: