I drove a Seat Alhambra home last night - a Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI Ecomotive, to be precise.

As any self-respecting car nut will know, the Ecomotive tag is a sign of environmental friendliness and eco-sensitivity. This is a 'happy' MPV.

First off, I was impressed by how well the car has aged. This is a car that appeared in 1996, twelve years ago, as my colleague Mike Duff pointed out in his Seat Alhambra first drive, but the interior is surprisingly good.

Where this car falls down, however, is its fuel economy - the one area you'd think that it had 'in the bag'.

I drove a 2.0-litre diesel S-Max for a year, which also costs around £20,000. It averaged 37.5mpg on my commute through London. The Alhambra, driven with a very light right foot, averaged 27.5mpg. That's less than my four-wheel-drive, automatic diesel Freelander.

Many people would argue that fuel consumption is not a huge issue. Well, it's certainly become one. And if you call your car 'Ecomotive' it's got to live up to the name... and not achieve 27.5mpg on a 50-mile urban trip.