I'm here in Portugal, where I've just had a first drive of the new Renaulsport Clio 200 on the racetrack at Branca. You'll have to check back later for the full first drive, but first impressions are overwhelmingly positive.

As the former keeper of Autocar's Clio 197 I must admit to approaching the new car reckoning that it would be nothing more than a re-nosed version of the same car.

But on track the 200 feels a fair bit keener than the old car, with a bit more steering feel and a chassis that loves to be balanced between understeer and oversteer on the throttle.

It looks good, too. And it sounds great, losing the 197's empty rasp for a properly meaty exhaust note.

I’ll wait until I've driven it on road before coming to any conclusions. But on track, this thing's awesome.

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