Just back from driving Honda’s new Insight. Which I reckon moves the hybrid game forward, although perhaps not in the way you might expect.

Compared with the current – and soon to be replaced – Toyota Prius, the Insight is not quite as efficient and only marginally cleaner. It is also not hugely different to drive. The handling is a bit more conventional, but it’s certainly no Ford Focus. And if you put your foot down it’s pretty noisy.

What it is, though, is cheaper. Honda is yet to finalise UK pricing, but when it goes on sale in April expect the Insight to start from £15,000, which is nearly £3000 less than Toyota currently wants for the Prius. I say currently because I wouldn’t be massively surprised if Toyota responds to Honda’s price offensive.

Either way, if the Insight helps to bring the price of Hybrids down to a more affordable level it will be a result for car buyers looking for more efficient transport.

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