It’s funny, but as soon as you hear or read the word “hybrid” you tend to think “green.” As in; saving the planet, reducing CO2, not having much fun behind the wheel etceterra.

Even with F1, you suspect, most observers have tended to regard the idea of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System as some kind of fop to the Eco Warriors; as a necessary evil to keep the beardos at bay – for the time being.

First drive review, plus pics and video of the Porsche 911 GT3 Rh

The 911 GT3 Rh that I drove this week changes all that at a stroke – because this is the other side of hybrid technology. The system is installed in this car to make it as fast as possible for endurance racing, and as anyone who knows anything about endurance racing will tell you, pure speed is nothing unless it is accompanied by at least a reasonable degree economy.