Two new experiences for me today, and both at the same time.

One was my first trip around the brand spanking new Yas Marina circuit, home to the new Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The second came as I went round it in the new Merc SLS supercar. Or Gullwing as we still like to call it at Autocar Towers.

Electric SLS - more details

I was far more interested in the Merc to be honest. And blimey it’s impressive. Largely because it feels like nothing else on the road. Entering the cabin through those doors helps a fair bit to cement its uniqueness, mind you.

And once you’re in, you’re hunkered low and peering down a long bonnet in a very un-Merc like driving position. My flit round the Yas circuit (trying to keep up with Bernd Schneider, as you do) also taught me that it has tremendous agility, but also a languidity and long leggedness you get with the best front-engined GTs. Especially those packing a lot of power, going through an auto 'box.