I’ve just spent a day driving the cheapest new car in the world, the Tata Nano. After a delayed market launch, you can buy one of these bargain basement superminis today, in Mumbai, for the equivalent of £2250.

But I’ve been driving one in the UK: not Bombay, but Brighton, Basingstoke and Beaconsfield.

It’s thanks to the efforts of one specific band of men that I’ve had the opportunity. The guys behind the IDEALS Nano Challenge 2010 have just driven three Nanos from India back to Britain, and all for charity.

If you feel like donating to their cause – and after a day in one of their Nanos, I certainly do – visit www.idealsnanochallenge2010.com

And so it came to pass that Autocar’s first taste of UK Nano motoring happened in an example with 11,000 kilometres on the clock, and stickers all over it advertising, amongst other things, condoms.

And yet this particular Nano easily surpassed my western expectations. If you come to the car expecting a driving experience on a par with an £8000 supermini, surprise surprise, you’ll be disappointed.