If VW’s senior management is waiting for an impressed buying public to glow about its latest concept car, the BlueSport roadster, before it commits to making it, can I be the first to say ‘yes please?’

VW5 I have a strong suspicion that this new two-seater VW would be very good indeed, not just because it looks so good, but because I was fortunate enough to drive the one they didn’t make earlier.

Remember the EcoRacer concept? This was the last lightweight two-seater VW made, an 850kg part carbonfibre creation powered by a 134bhp 1.5-litre diesel engine. It was bright orange and not very pretty. But that didn’t matter because, despite the fact that it was capable of 80mpg, it felt every bit as agile and fun to throw around as the best mid-engined sportsters.

Truth be told, VW quoted even better performance stats for the EcoRacer than it has for the Concept BlueSport.