Few people would have walked away from the Tesla Roadster thinking it needed more power and to get from 0-60mph that bit faster; such is its brutal accelerating ability.

But Tesla has gone and done just that with the Roadster Sport. I was lucky enough to take the car for a quick blast around Millbrook Proving Ground yesterday and it was an experience I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

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An all-new electric motor boosts power over the standard Lotus Elise-based electric sports car from 248bhp to 288bhp, while its claimed 0-60mph time is cut from 3.9secs to 3.7secs.

Power and performance upgrades aside, the Sport also gets a manually adjustable suspension set-up with nine different settings and some minor cosmetic tweaks, including black forged alloy wheels and some shiny new Sport badges.

The first thing that hits you about the Sport is its shear accelerating force. The Sport is less about outright speed and more about how you end up there. The flat torque curve means the acceleration is instant and it propels the Sport to eye-watering speeds with no fuss – its overtaking ability is sure to be brutal.