Last year I was asked to blog about the best new car I drove in 2010. Now that was very difficult because for the majority of the year I drive cars with six figure mileages and bodywork modified by stone chips, pheasants and careless parkers.

So imagine my delight when I visited Stalag Autocar and was asked to take a brand new model so that it could be swapped for an old MX-5. I thought, wow I can write about this in the end of year blogs. Sadly no one asked, but I am going to tell you anyway. I drove Darth Vader's Helmet.

It would be a great name for a punk band, but its also one way of looking at the remarkable MINI Coupe JCW. At least BMW finally admit it's a two-seater. In spirit it's a Broadspeed Mini GT but not quite so cute or rare, or so sought after. A bit like MINI. But I loved it.

I only had time to dive around some suburban streets, and I have no idea about on-the-limit handling or anything like that, but it was a hoot. Fun to be in and drive, and fun to look at when I wasn't in it. That for me is a good car, a car you want, rather than being something for the school run.

Yes this is a new car I could actually see myself buying because it does look so damned odd and of course it will be a bit cheaper than a Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Anyone else going to buy a MINI Coupe? Or is it just me? Also where's the MINI Moke? Are BMW now all MINI'd out?