New spy snaps arrive on our news desk (or more accurately in our inbox) on a daily basis, but it's not every day that it's one of us in the driving seat.

But that's what happened a couple of weeks back, when pictures arrived of Lexus' LF-A during 'final shakedown tests' at the Nurburgring.

Read 'More pics - Lexus LF-A supercar'

In reality, those shakedown tests were the LF-A launch.

Apologies that I couldn't tell you sooner, but all reviews are embargoed until the LFA is officially unveiled at the Tokyo motor show tomorrow.

So come back then to find out what I made of Toyota's first, long awaited (and very pricey) supercar - we've got a first drive review, massive picture gallery and a trio of videos (including an on-board lap of the 'Ring) to enjoy.

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