Some of you would certainly seem to think so.

Every time we praise a new Jag or Aston, for example, a section of our readership seems to think we are being xenophobically biased in our reaction somehow; that we have written positive things about a certain new car purely because it is British by association.

Yet at the same time there is another school of thought, held by another section of our readership, that believes we are biased just as strongly towards the likes of Ford and BMW. Whenever a new BM comes out and we declare it to be rather good, up goes the cry; “the only reason you think it’s great is because it’s a BMW.”

So are we, in fact, biased not merely towards specific manufacturers but to the car industry as a whole? While on the one hand it is all too easy to be carried away by the moment, and by the PR of that particular moment, when on the launch of A Brand New Car, one vital thing to remember is; the car industry is actually pretty good at coming up with products that are better than the ones they replace. Not all the time but most of the time, it must be said.

The idea of the genuine lemon is virtually a thing of the past nowadays; most new cars tend to be either good, very good or, every now and again, mind-befuddlingly excellent at what they do.