It was my painful duty this morning to deliver a mild kicking to the latest incarnation of the Alfa Romeo GT, the Cloverleaf JTDm Q2.

At around £22k, this coupé has the looks and price advantage to worry the Audi TT, but falls hopelessly behind the Ingolstadt icon on refinement, fit and finish, and interior packaging. Oh, and it’s the same price as a BMW 120d coupé, which is better in every area (if not prettier).

I can’t help thinking, though, that Alfa’s biggest threat comes not from brands that it might consider traditional rivals in the two-door market, but from Volkswagen’s Scirocco.

Here’s a £20.6k car with better packaging, far more accomplished road manners, a more refined diesel engine and, well, as close to a safe badge as you can get these days. It’s plain better to drive than the GT, and it even looks pretty.

In the past, Alfa always seems to have found a niche for vehicles like the GT: price and styling have been the most common. But these days, it’s under attack from more angles than ever. The sooner Alfa gets the Mito sorted and on sale, and then comes up with a more accomplished sporting range, the better.