Here’s the thing. I’m driving the new Porsche 911 and I know it’s terrific. I can see it’s going to be one of those cars that becomes the default choice in its class. But there’s still a little doubt in the back of my mind. 

I know it’s an unreasonable one. Because – as when somebody says they want a small hot hatch and without hesitating I recommend a Ford Fiesta ST – when people ask what sports car is special but usable every day, the stock answer will remain ‘buy a 911’. 

The new 911 is polished to a brilliant degree, honed like never before to the extent that, possibly, there’s less inherent 911 quirkiness to it than ever. The engine has been pushed forwards by 14mm and the front track is much wider so there’s less inherent 911 nose-bobbing. Though that’s not what’s bothering me; push a 911 and the physics are still the physics.