Right now I'm at the Saatchi gallery on thr Kings Road in Chelsea. A fitting venue for the launch of the new Jaguar XJ.There's a smattering of celebrities. Plenty of fizz and lots of glamour.

But the real star is the car. Which is just as it should be. Even Elle MacPherson is taking second stage tonight because in the metal the new big Jag is way better than any of the first pics convey.

Jaguar XJ: Full details and pics

The most pleasing thing though is the corporate confidence that the Jag big cheeses are conveying. Never mind the XK or the XF they say, this is the most important 'New Jaguar'.

I'd say they were right. After all, I reckon it's beeen about 41 years since Jag has the most revolutionary and radical big saloon on the market.

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