So after all the hype and reputation destruction, it’s cured by nothing more than plugging a non-descript box with a touchscreen into the car and pressing some buttons.

I’ve just had our new long-term Prius recalled and reprogrammed to cure the thing with the brakes, which has gone from being described as “there’s nothing wrong” to a full blown, country-wide recall.

Toyota issues Prius recall

It’s the first Prius in the UK to have the procedure carried out, so there was a little head-scratching from the blokes at our local Toyota outfit while they ran through the instructions that had just turned up from Toyota HQ, but the actual reprogramming took under two minutes.

If you’ve got a Prius, bargain on a maximum of 45 minutes, allowing for messing around with parking (which is always, always impossible at every dealership I go to.)