Picking one’s wheels for the Christmas holidays is always a dilemma for us motoring journalists. Tough life, I know. This year’s decision was made easier for me by the arrival of a Suzuki Swift Sport, my long-term test car for the next few months.

We’ll introduce it properly in the magazine in the coming weeks, but it only took me about 100 yards of driving it to sense some very positive words will be written about the Swift Sport in its time at Autocar.

In many ways it reminds me of the Renaultsport Twingo. It’s a simple, lightweight warm hatch, with the emphasis on dynamic ability you can actually exploit, rather than showy looks and more power than it can handle.

While the Twingo just about shades the Swift in the handling department, the Swift will always get the nod from me, as its ride quality makes it so much more usable as an everyday proposition.