So, I’ve finally experienced a full-on winter’s weekend in the Nissan Leaf. And, since I sold my house last month, I no longer have a home charger. From now on, the Leaf can only be charged at the Autocar office car park.

I left the car park on Friday evening after the Leaf had been given a good, long, recharging session, from our Chargemaster wall-mounted box.

Thanks to low ambient temperatures (it was close to freezing on Friday night), the Leaf’s brain estimated a potential range of just over 70 miles at start up, though that soon dropped to about 65 miles once I’d covered a couple of miles.

The trip back to my newly-rented (and chargerless flat) is 11 miles at a steady 30mph gait, with a short blast up the A3 to Roehampton. On Saturday afternoon, I did a two-mile round trip run to the charity shop (a house won’t squeeze into a small flat…) and another two miles into central London, parking up in Pimlico Green.