This weekend I had my first taste of Autocar’s Peugeot RCZ long-termer.

To be completely frank, I had rather ignored the RCZ. However, the more time I spent with it just pottering around, the more I came to quite like it. The cabin is nicely trimmed in leather, the stereo is punchy and the driving position gives the driver an out-of the ordinary sensation.

And spend time looking hard at the styling and there’s some real originality lurking. I love the long, flat, rear deck (especially the way the fuel filler cuts into the boot lid’s shutline) and the stand-alone silver roof pillars. Pity about the stock gaping mouth.

Rattling around the capital, quite a few people looked twice, but many looked right over it. It’s a pity that the RCZ didn’t get a completely fresh front-end treatment to set it apart from its humdrum sister cars.

However, the overwhelming impression left by the RCZ was the difficulty in seeing out of it. The steeply-raked screen, low roof, fat A-pillars, fat rear view mirror and even the wing mirrors combined to make it quite hard to see what was happening on city streets.