…has not got off to a good start, it must be said. Because on the exact same day that fuel prices hit an all time high in the UK, my new long term XKR-S was delivered.

And when I went for a 50 mile jaunt in it to say hello and generally to see how it feels (as you do) the fuel computer said 13.1mpg. Which is more than a tad worrying given that a) the nice man from Jaguar had already taken the trouble to run the car in, and b) that I drove for much of the time as if a mouse’s ear were attached to the accelerator.

Actually that’s not entirely true. I did open it up briefly at one point, just to see what it would sound and go like (it sounded bloody marvelous and felt a fair bit pokier, even, than the 1M I’ve just handed back). But the fuel thing is quite clearly going to be an issue.

So much so that I’ve now calculated what I’m going to spend over the next six months.

If I do 10,000 miles and use regular unleaded rather than superjuice I’ll spend approximately £4713 – at 13.1mpg. If I do 10,000 miles and use regular and somehow achieve 20mpg, I’ll spend £3087.

And if I do 15,000 miles (which is the plan) use a mix of super and regular unleaded (which is the reality) and get 18mpg (which could be where I begin to show signs of delusion, but who’s counting…) I’ll spend at least £5200.

And that’s before Joyless George delivers his document of doom on March 21, and removes another 4p a litre from our wallets.

Tell me I haven’t just made a terrible mistake…