So after three months and 5000 miles together, we've finally finished with our 'W124' Mercedes E280. You'll be able to read another story in the magzine in a couple of weeks time - and we're even producing another video.

Merc1_2 But for now, it's sitting in the car park enjoying a well-deserved rest.

To be honest, I was surprised by the amount of interest that a £1000 Merc on the brink of bangerdom produced. But in terms of letters, emails and forum traffic, it looks like the idea of trading down into a well-chosen exec is an idea that more people are starting to have.

And, despite our E-class's various faults - most of them down to its aged electrical system - I've enjoyed pretty much every mile I spent in it. It made me reconsider the way I viewed old, non-classic cars.

Yes, in purely economic terms spending over £500 a year to keep a £1000 car on the road - figures reached by 'annualizing' the outgoings during its time with us - does not make a huge amount of sense. But choosing a faded star like an E-class does enable you to travel in the sort of comfort and class that you're never going to find in a similarly cheap Golf or Astra.

My logic is that an old E-class is best seen as a cut-price alternative to a 15-year old Bentley or Roller rather than a particularly rational way to cut motoring costs. And I know that I'm going to miss our E-class more than any other car I've owned or run over the years.