How’s about this for customer service? The engine management light winked on the RS4 the other day, as I passed the Hungerford turning on the M4 westbound.

Engine response softened slightly, so I reduced speed, dialled 118500, got a number for Swindon Audi and made a call to their service department that went thus:

“I'm on M4 in my RS4; it's playing up. Any chance of impromptu ECU diagnostic check?”

“No problem," came the reply. "Drop by and we’ll have a look.”

Twenty minutes later, just as I finished my cup of tea, a chap called Jason appeared, said the computer had logged a small fault and that the car shouldn’t really be driven. Before I could whinge, he produced the keys to an A8, told me to go home, said they’d sort it and he’d swap the cars in the next couple of days.

The following day he arrived at my house in the RS4 (a small air pump pipe had come loose, causing the ECU to over-fuel slightly) and drove away in the A8. It's without a doubt the best aftersales service I’ve ever experienced.

Chris Harris

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