Alright, I’ll admit it; when I first felt the barely perceptible jiggle on the steering wheel of our Audi A5, I mistook it for steering feel. I drove it up the motorway, felt the steering wheel wriggling gently at 70mph, and assumed that I was experiencing Audi’s new-made advances in driver involvement.

I wasn’t deceived for long though. As the miles passed, and the jiggle on the steering wheel slowly became a wobble, it became obvious that we had a developing wheel balance problem. It’s the only problem I’ve encountered in the A5 so far. And so I duly booked the car in to the local Audi dealership to have it sorted.

The conversation with the service rep at Audi Walton-on-Thames went like this:

“I’d like to book my Audi A5 in for a warranty fix, please.”

“OK, what’s the problem, sir?”