Isn't it amazing what you can achieve in a morning? Just in case a 164-mile drive down the M6 from Carlisle to another generic service station wasn't enough, I've also found time to be a witness in a traffic accident. A car was T-boned by a lorry driver, and got wedged on the front of the Lithuanian loader before ending up on the hard shoulder. Luckily, no-one was hurt and amazingly no-one else was involved.

And shockingly, despite there being at least 10-20 witnesses, I was the only one that stopped. What's that all about? Maybe they were worried about what the extra braking and accelerating would do to their economy...

Anyway, this was not just any car that got T-boned: it was a Seat Leon Ecomotive, driven by a nice chap on his way to Derby. We swapped economy stories (he regularly exceeds 70mpg) and details before I got on with what's likely to be the last leg of the 1000-mile run.

When I pulled into the car park of the services, the indicated range clicked over to zero. So I'm probably/definitely (depending on your optimism) not going to make the last 153 miles.

This is despite an improvement in the overall economy of today's run. The morning's 164 miles were covered in 3hrs 18mins at an average speed of 50mph, returning 75.9mpg. This has brought the overall economy figure up to 72.8mpg.

We're now so light on fuel I swear I can feel the extra weight of the jerrycan in the boot. The new goal is 900 miles – thus exceeding the claimed theoretical range – then to see how far we get.