I didn't manage to travel 1000 miles on a single tank of diesel in my Seat Leon Ecomotive. I failed.

But flip the question and ask how many miles can you do on a single tank of diesel, then the answer - 925 - is pretty darn impressive.

The inevitable happened at 1.34pm just before J11 on the southbound M40, just outside Prodrive HQ in fact. But this was much further than I thought we'd get an hour earlier when the fuel gauge clicked over to zero; the M6, M6 Toll, M42 and a part of the M40 all came and went before the Leon finally gave up.

For those wondering what happens when a modern diesel engine runs out of fuel, it just stops. No warning or a misfire, just a loss of power and a complete shutdown.

This happened at the top of the hill, with no-one behind so it was simply a case of knocking it into neutral, and moving a metre to the left in the hard shoulder before switching on the hazards.

Five litres of diesel from the emergency/essential jerrycan later, and it coughed back into life, but not before flashing 'engine failure' and a gentle push down the hill from photographer Malcy.

Within a mile of the restart I'd reacquainted myself with the outside lane and 70mph, despite lots of previously nice looking lorries to tuck in behind. Acceleration, how I've missed you.

So, those final numbers. We travelled 925 miles in 18 hours 42 minutes, at an average economy of 72.9mpg and an average speed of 50mph.