image1982283950.jpgWe will not be contesting the next round of the IRC in Russia, so we will have to wait and see if Kris keeps his top position.When we decided to take part in this year's IRC we made the decision that we would not compete in all of the rounds.There were originally 12 rounds to this year's IRC but last month we had confirmation that the Japanese round would not take place. It had always been a provisional round. The points score for the drivers championship, however, is made up of the total of the seven highest points scores of each driver. Therefore even if a driver competed in every round he could only count the scores from 7 rounds. The rest simply would be discarded.Therefore when putting together our programme the cost and potential points score of each round was considered. Also any extra costs due to special adaptations of the car were also considered. When we put the project together we had to work within a stated budget and it was, therefore, decided we would only contest 9 of the then 12 rounds. The lose of Japan actual helps us as it is 1 less no scoring round we are exposed to.We decided we would not do the safari rally due to the need to build a special car and the fact no S2000 cars were going. Russia was the next rally we planned not to attend due to the tough nature of the stages which are recognised as real car breakers. Also Japan was not part of our plans.Now with Kris in the number 1 position in the driver's standings we have to wait and see what affect the Russian rally will have on the standings.Currently the driver's standings are:1 - Kris Meeke 30 pt2 - Freddy Loix 24 pt3 - Jan Kopecky 21 pt4 - Nicolas Vouilloz 14 pt5 - Giandomenico Basso 11 pt In Russia there will only be two of the S2000 front running teams, Abarth and Skoda.Abarth will have Anton Allen back in the Grande Punto along side Basso. It is, however, Skoda who we are most interested in as with Jan Kopecky only 9 points behind Kris, a win in Russia would give him the lead in the driver's standings, by 1 point.Like Kris, both Freddy Loix and team mate Nicolas Vouilloz will also not be competing in Russia. The rally kicks off on 9th July and finishes on 11th. As with all the IRC rounds it will be shown on Eurosport.The next rally for our team will be Maderia which starts on the 30th July through to the 1st August. This rally will see all the top S2000 teams back in action.So we will be watching closely the results from Russia which I am sure will be another exciting rally. As well as helping us in the championship it would be great if Anton Allen gets a good result as he has had a lot of bad luck so far and being good on gravel he could be the one to watch.Also Guy Wilks will be flying the S2000 flag for the UK in his Proton. Lets hope he can find the pace and reliabilty from his car to challenge for a podium position.If you would like to see a review of our last two rallies log onto iTunes and down load the Peugeot UK IRC video podcasts. Then you will see why rallying is so great.