Are you a young, single, urban male? Then, according to Nissan, you’ll be interested in the Nissan Juke when it goes on sale in September.

I’m currently at a French military base just to the south of Paris, where the Juke has been unveiled for the first time.


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Nissan bosses say they are sure that this highly distinctive 4m-long car – described as a cross between a crossover and a sports car – will be as successful as the Qashqai was in its market.

Nissan makes a point of not selling ‘me too, copy-car’ cars in Europe, which is why it no longer has conventional EU market models competing against the Golf and Mondeo. (Interestingly, the Ford is healthily outsold by the Qashqai, which shifted 200,000 units in Europe last year).

I’m moderately surprised at their confidence. In the metal, the Juke is pretty unusual. Imagine a Nissan Murano scaled down to fit on the same platform as a Nissan Note. The car’s proportions are quite dramatic, particularly the boat-like front end. This styling theme was dreamt up by UK-based designers at Nissan Paddington design centre.