Our little Ford Fiesta family runabout needs new tyres. So before I automatically click on Black Circles and order up some new 195/50 15s of a half decent variety, I've had a thought. 

Given that we appear to be living in a semi-apocalyptic climate even in the UK nowadays, should I be buying a set of winter tyres instead?

And the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Why? Because the last set of winter tyres I used on a regular basis were fitted to my old long term Jaguar XKR-S convertible.

They were enormous great 20-inch Pirelli Sottozeros and they went on the car in January, where they stayed until it went back to Jaguar in October, during which time I covered around 10,000 miles on all sorts of roads, at all sorts of speeds, sometimes at all sorts of angles. 

And when the car went back it still had bags of tread left on its tyres, even those at the rear, and at the time I found that deeply impressive considering how much punishment they’d taken.

So my logic regarding our Fiesta is now veering towards one fairly obvious course of action; given how well a decent set of winters lasts, and how much more traction and stability they provide when it gets cold and miserable (let alone when it actually snows, when they become nigh-on invincible) why not just run our Fiesta on winters all year round?