How does the new Ford Focus look?

It’s not striking in the same way as Toyota’s new Auris, but there’s enough modernity to keep the Focus looking fresh at the start of what will be the next seven or eight years on sale.

New Ford Focus unveiled as ‘most advanced’ model yet

Design aside, things move on as you’d expect: continually downsized engines, more weight taken out of the body-in-white and a car that will likely just improve the breed as new cars tend to do. If there’s a disappointment, for me it’s that there’s no part-electrification of the powertrains from the very start, but it’s coming.

If there’s something to savour, it’s that Ford knows how seriously its customers take the fact that its cars are engaging and fun to drive. So while talk of new tech and it being the most advanced car in the class is great, the thing I’m most looking forward to is finding out what it’s like from behind the wheel.

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