I notice that an MP had to resign from a shadow cabinet post for essentially insulting someone who had the audacity to raise the flag of St George and own a white Transit van. 

At Ruppert Towers, we fly the Jolly Roger along with other flags of convenience, but we also have a couple of typically English motors that could upset a member of Parliament or two. Oh yes, and they are English. Made in England, because it is stamped on the parts. 

So let’s try to find some models that can, as they say, ‘still do a job’, without being a museum piece or routinely broken down by the roadside, and are offensively English. 

Land Rover Series 3/Defender

We must have a Landie – English until Ford bought it all in the late 1980s. Rather than find a 1950s Series 1, we should go for a later Series 3, or the coil-sprung 90/110 which became the Defender. 

These are not some stamped-out mass-production items. These were all hand-built by blokes and blokesses in Birmingham. Best of all, you can unbolt bits that don’t work any more and bolt on replacement bits. That’s why we love DIY in this country.