The first official photos of a new Lamborghini are always a highlight in the motoring year. And the anticipation of the replacement of Lamborghini's biggest-selling model, the Gallardo, was palpable.

After all, the Lamborghini Huricán has some big boots to fill.

It is, by any measure a pretty car. In there are shades of Aventador in the styling, but it's somehow less aggressive and, I imagine, more palatable for more drivers.

But here’s the thing. In 2010, Lotus made the unusual move of revealing its entire range of next-generation models in one hit. Among them was an all-new Lotus Esprit. The project stalled, but insiders suggest the car is at an advanced development stage using a combination of Evora and Ferrari 458 Italia mules. It could be resurrected once the firm reaches a sure financial footing, but who knows what it’ll look like.