The launch of the new BMW 2-series Active Tourer took place in the very pleasant Tirol region in Austria. You can read Hilton Holloway's driving impressions of the first full production front-wheel-drive offering from BMW here.

When I sampled the car last Friday, the main roads into the Alps were packed with Germans and Austrians heading off for long weekends in the mountains near Innsbruck.

It was late morning on a sunny day, and the amount of people not working took me aback. It dawned on me that the collective British workforce might graft a little bit too hard in comparison to our continental peers…

Another thing that struck me was that the majority of the healthy looking damen und herren driving to the Alpine countryside were the sort of people BMW is targeting with the 2-series Active Tourer.

They are, I suppose, Active Tourists. In other words: adventurous, affluent folk who want to sling the bikes/pets/kids/tent into the back of a capacious, comfortable vehicle and head to the chocolate-box scenery.

I'm not convinced many of those people care as much about whether their car drives its front wheels, rear wheels or maybe just the near-side ones except on Sundays. They want a tidy car created by an aspirational brand they recognise.