In the 1960s, the theory behind manufacturers getting involved in motorsport was summed up as, 'Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.'

Well, it seems there are still plenty of manufacturers out there who believe in the marketing power of motorsport.

The latest example of this is Ford’s decision to send two 780+bhp Fiestas up the famous Pikes Peak hillclimb course this summer.

Given the stir the announcement of the cars’ participation – and that of double World Rally Champion Marcus Gronholm – has created in Europe, it’s hard not to image the Americans getting similarly excited.

And what better way to introduce people to the Fiesta, which goes on sale in the US in 2010, than to have it flashing by them on full opposite lock, engine roaring and chasing down the course record?

But does 'Win on Sunday, sell on Monday' still apply? In this day and age it might not actually persuade someone to buy a specific model of car, but it must surely influence the way they think about it.