David Coulthard really is an extremely mature and intelligent individual. Quite rightly, the former Williams, McLaren and Red Bull driver referred to the episode in Melbourne last week when Lewis Hamilton got pulled over by the rozzers as a massive over-reaction by all concerned.

It also, in DC’s mind, points to the need for Lewis to get somebody to succeed his father Anthony in the role of his personal manager so these sorts of episodes can be discreetly avoided.

“I know I’ll get accused of being irresponsible here, but I really don’t see the big deal about Lewis indulging in a little burnout for the fans,” he wrote in his column in the Daily Telegraph. “In my view,  the reaction to what was essentially a minor incident was completely over the top.”

Coulthard is bang on the nail here. We live in contradictory times. On the one hand we want our heros to be extrovert free spirits, but when they over-stay their allotted stint on a parking meter we go into a state of catatonic shock, claiming that they are dreadful role models for our seven year old kids.

I’m glad David was brave enough to say it before I did, but I thought the whole episode showed Lewis in an extremely positive, one-of-the-boys, light and there was absolutely no downside to the episode whatsoever. Hell, Mercedes never had better TV publicity since the day some bright spark nicked the alloys off Bernie’s CLS in Chelsea Square and left it standing on bricks.