My approach to motorsport is a relaxed one. I enjoy following particular drivers and teams in various different disciplines, but in truth I mainly enjoy it simply for the spectacle. And as far as spectacles go it doesn’t get much better than Le Mans.

If you can watch a Corvette C6-R spit four-foot flames out of its exhaust on the entry to Arnage corner and not feel overjoyed to be an enthusiast, then you should probably check your pulse.

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Purely in terms of drama, the GT1 and 2 cars such as said Corvette, the Aston DBR9, Ferrari F430s and this year a couple of Ford GTs (which should be a real treat) are the more entertaining to watch. But witnessing the relentless pace of the LMP1 cars – particularly down the pit straights at night – is something to behold.

This cocktail of bespoke racers and road-car based track weapons can’t fail to be entertaining, even if it is nearly impossible to actually follow the order through the whole 24 hours.

Seeing people fall asleep when they’re ten foot from a bunch of race cars straining for the redline is also amusing, but don’t laugh at them because I guarantee you’ll be doing it too.