What WILL happen to Ferrari and what SHOULD happen to Ferrari in light of the pantomime that was the German GP will almost certainly NOT be one and the same thing.

For many years the FIA was referred to behind closed doors as Ferrari’s International Assistant, but things have changed a great deal since Jean Todt left the Scuderia and went to assume his position as head of the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile. As a result, anyone who expects Ferrari to be left off lightly when the World Motor Sport Council meets to discuss the issue next month will, you suspect, be sorely disappointed.

But what would you do if, somehow, you found yourself in the position of being able to punish Ferrari for its actions? Leaving aside the more vindictive desires you may have to see certain individuals suffer, what actions would you take?

Personally I’d strip the team of all the points it gained in Germany, abolish rule 39.1 and leave it at that. This would provide a substantial punishment for Ferrari for breaking the rules, it would get rid of a rule that has been a farce ever since it was written as a knee-jerk reaction to what happened at the Austrian GP in 2002, and it would also provide the clarity that both the teams and their fans require.