Tom Wheatcroft was a tough old customer, but one can only hope that, during his final days, nobody showed him any photographs of the muddy building site which is now his beloved Donington Park.

It's never likely to be finished now Simon Gillett’s plans to stage the British Grand Prix have been consigned to the history books.

Tom Wheatcroft remembered It’s now virtually certain that Silverstone will negotiate a long-term contract to retain Britain’s round of the world championship and the F1 cavalcade will move on; today Abu Dhabi, tomorrow possibly South Korea, next week Red Square, or Parliament square, come to that.

But what precisely happens to Donington Park next?  There’s no point in finishing its update to state-of-the-art F1 specification as there is no Grand Prix coming down the road.  But on the other hand, it’s not fit for purpose as it stands at the present moment.

So who pays for it to be re-worked so that it can continue its life as a club/national/international venue hosting minor league single seaters, sports and touring cars?

In a very real sense, Donington Park had been a dramatic victim of the trend whereby F1 hoovers up almost every motor racing resource on the planet and leaves every other category scrimping, saving and struggling in the gutter.

It’s moments like this that people should remember that there is more, much more, to the global motorsporting infrastructure than F1.

Tom Wheatcroft understood  that better than most. Without strong foundations, even the grandest edifice can topple.

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