I have to confess that I am as confused as to why Robert Kubica is disappointed over Kimi Raikkonen’s failure to reach a deal with the Renault team for an F1 return in 2011.

Putting aside for one moment the commercial attractions of Vitaly Petrov continuing with the team at a time when it seems likely that a Russian grand prix might be about to appear on the horizon, Raikkonen’s dazzling talent – for all its inconsistency – has been missed on the F1 landscape this season.

The prospect of his returning to slip into a seat alongside the dynamic Robert Kubica would, one may have thought, have had the potential to create one of the great F1 driving partnerships on the contemporary scene.

It was one of those potential alliances which had all the right feelings about it and even Kubica expressed his disappointment at Suzuka that the arrangement was not going to come off.

Yet quite why the Raikkonen-Renault alliance never got off the ground looks like going down in F1 history as one of those baffling might-have-beens which really should have happened.

I don’t care what flashes of brilliance he may have displayed behind the wheel of his Citroen, in my opinion Kimi was never temperamentally never suited to the rigour and discipline of international rallying. Yet his own explanation of why the talks never got very far is equally baffling.