I drove the new turbocharged Subaru Impreza yesterday – and very good it is too. But only after I saw a few unregistered versions of the old saloon at Litchfield Imports did I realised that, tragically, here was a car that had outlived both of the Britons who became world champions in it.

So I thought you might like to see this bit of video; it's footage of Richard Burns, with trademark rolled-up sleeves, at the wheel of his Impreza on the way to his 2001 world championship.

It’s harder to find onboard footage from Colin McRae’s ’95 championship season, so here’s some spectacular footage from the the 1998 Rally of Portugal instead.

Want more McRae? It doesn’t get a great deal better than this, despite the fact that, in theory, he’s not being timed: he’s driving a Metro 6R4 Course Car for the ’98 McRae Stages rally.